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1. 『 』 『 ETH888 』 Ethereum Casino Prepared for: ETH ICO Prepared by: Steve 1 January 2018 Version 2.0.0 ! 1 ETH888.IO

17. 『 』 There will be 4 price tiers for this crowdsale upon time: 
 The time for the crowdsale is scheduled to start on 1st April 2018 and take 4 weeks. Week Rate 1 1,000 Vanils / ETH 2 750 Vanils / ETH 3 500 Vanils / ETH 4 250 Vanils / ETH ! 17

15. 『 』 4.3 ROI A good deal always couples with good returns. Before you investing in something, if one telling you the principal will be 100% guaranteed safe, plus 300% return, do you believe that? Or you are probably facing a fraud!? It is so common to hear a phrase “too good to be true” in speculative investment market. The meaning behind it is pretty simple but greed can blind one’s mentality and thus would unintentionally trust those illusive scenario. Afterwards, the victims even do not dare to share the story, due to reputable concerns. ETH888 Team deeply believes that, there is no free lunch in the world. To be a victor, apart from working harder than the competitors, good timing is indispensable too. Dare to imagine how future goes and do the right things at the right time, all our core values! 
 Different from investing in stock market having P/E ratio as reference, even we merely promising a number here, does it sound convincing? What we can offer here is a vision: conservatively to say, in 2018, the market cap of Ethereum will be up to 40 billion USD. Assume that, just half of Bitcoin, 30% of global transactions are gambling related and ETH888 has 6% market shares. The total turnover already achieves 720 millions and our House Edge is kept at around 10% in average, the estimated profit already around 72 millions. This only assumes all players betting once and if they play twice, it will be double. For a investment less than 10 millions, is this vision promising? 
 ! 15

11. 『 』 2.3 Why not 0% House Edge games? ETH888's rationale is that, in player's points of view, playing with a trustable partner is superior. Especially for Asian players, they in general do not care the existence of House Edge, but do care whether they are being cheated. They merely look for opportunities to seed hopes, given a reasonable chance to win and an easy-fair environment to have a try. Deep in their mind, the worst issue is nowhere to buy hopes, rather than finally losing it. They do enjoy more the process and strive for feeling of one-game victory, even by trading off the bets over ten games. 
 Some casinos emphasize zero House Edge, with a doubtful assumption, treating it as a gimmick to make the house attractive to the audiences. They assuming even with zero House Edge, it will also be profitable by blessing elite players making mistakes or beginners will compensate the loss. Indeed, it is impractical, as unlike physical casinos, there are no restrictions on how the players interact with the games, such as getting real-time AI hints from gambling master softwares / devices (like this and this ). Undoubtedly, every player can instantly be a game master. Does it sound an attractive business to stakeholders? Or does anyone have interest to spend time and resources in operating a casino with negative ROI? 
 ! 11

14. 『 』 4.2 Promotional Strategy ETH888 will be the most responsive Ethereum casino, featuring responsive user experience, high transparency, fairness and privacy. 
 In the early stage, we will strategically adapt players already with competent knowhow in using cryptcurrency, and let them realize the pros of smart contract integration, and how it enhances the transparency and fairness of the games. In addition, our technical members will share and publish blockchain related articles in social media platforms, so as to boost the exposure rate of the official site, and also helps SEO. In the next stage, third-party exchange platform like “Shapeshift” will be integrated into ETH888 for supporting more species of cryptocurrencies, even cash finally (prior to the approvals of lottery licences covering related regions). With that achieved, the next milestone will be grabbing players from ordinary online casinos, our final battlefield to possibly get the largest market shares. 
 Upon the success of all crowdsales, the team will spend resources on three main areas, platform development, legal procedures and marketing. Moreover, all internal testings, organisation reformation and legal procedures are planned to be complete within the following 6 months, and a series of new marketing campaigns will be published in most popular coin exchanges. Furthermore, we will distribute Vanil tokens from 10% reserved pool as the incentives to encourage people sharing our articles and posts. Our advantages are, comparing with our business competitors in Asia, making changes to the industry much earlier. When cryptocurrency becomes the majority, chance will be given to those who are well prepared, just all of us! 
 ! 14

9. 『 』 of doors for the hackers. To conquer it, they have to break at least 51% of doors! Certainly, unless the return extremely high, otherwise no one will make this deal.

1.4 Core Development Direction Apart from smart contract integration, to ensure ETH888 providing excellent experience to all players, we will apply the best practice in provably-fair result generations under blockchain environment. At the same time, while enhancing operational transparency, we will take an equilibrium point to prevent being cheated by professional players, to protect the benefits of all stakeholders. Because the scenario will be betting against a large group of players, we must strictly control and monitor the betting upper limit of our games, initially ceiling it at lower amount and adjusting the limit incrementally, by analysing game data collected with time going. One key principle is that never makes the prize amount comparable to the cost for mining a block. In generating provably-fair results, it is quite challenging in blockchain world. In a centralized environment, getting a random number is a piece of cake, by simply calling a function. However, in blockchain environment, everything is deterministic and indeed no inborn random factors exist. Some casinos use block hash, a unique long string to identify a mined block, as a random hash to generate a so-called “random” result. However, this leaves a chance for miners to cheat the upcoming result, by giving up a currently mined block, given the prize return crazily huge enough (much variable than an Ethereum block). After a series of discussions among ETH888 team members, we finally figured out a moderate workaround which keeps in general taking not more than 4 seconds in finalising one game round. Unlike similar Ethereum casinos taking more than minutes, this is really crucial to the overall user experience. At the end of each round, an unhashed server seed will be shown to the player, ETH888 will provide web-based easy tools in public environment to facilitate result verifications. ! 9

5. 『 』 Crowdsale Details The total circulation volume of Vanil token now is 1,356, 476 and it is fixed forever as coded in its smart contract. 10% of it will be reserved to the development team and another 10% will be for bounty programmes. As this crowdsale is actually a resale of VAN tokens issued in our pre-sale ICO in August 2017, the actual volume of VANs available for this crowdsale is uncertain yet. The total possible number of tokens for this crowdsale mathematically is 1,085,180. Interested early investors can choose to subscribe the resale by sending their VANs to the upcoming crowdsale contract. 
 There will be 4 price tiers for this crowdsale upon time: 
 The time for the crowdsale is scheduled to start on 1st April 2018 and take 4 weeks. Week Rate 1 1,000 Vanils / ETH 2 750 Vanils / ETH 3 500 Vanils / ETH 4 250 Vanils / ETH ! 5

7. 『 』 thing becomes much interactive and seems like the casino having no way to cheat the player by referencing player’s decision.

Some people may ask that, if the player already master the formula for result generation and is also given the server-side hash, they can predict the result and the house will lose big money? Definitely not. The hash given by the house to the player is encrypted by a mathematical algorithm called SHA256. One of its stunning features is singe-direction encryption. Once a string is encrypted, it is irreversible and undecryptable. 

This mechanism looks like pretty fair to all players. However, a factual question again, who would run a non-profitable house? They are well studying player’s behaviour! Once they published a trustful impression to the public, the players feel comfortable to place bets there and usually ignore having to input a new hash for result generation. After being ignored several times, the house may detect it and secretly suggests one that favours themselves. The old scenario comes live again! ! 7 Encrypted hash by house Hash by player Composer Source hash SHA256 Encrypted hash Result

12. 『 』 3. VAN Token and Vanil Pool VAN token is published basing on Ethereum technology and complies with ERC20 protocol. Simply to say, a wallet supporting Ether can hold tokens published by individual organizations, to represent their ownership or level of participation in a community or project. In some case, tokens can be consumable when interacting with corresponding platform’s services. 
 In the current roadmap, ETH888 only accepts Ether. 40% of monthly house profit will be pouring into Vanil Pool which is a profit sharing core for all stakeholders. This action is preprogrammed in a smart contract and unchangeable after launching so to avoid fraudulent cases yielded from human factors. 
 Vanil holders can take shares from Vanil Pool on 28 at 12:00 UTC of each month. This instruction will be absolutely exercised by the smart contract deployed in Ethereum’s mainnet. The whole operation is totally transparent and will be fair to everyone. 
 A invested 100 ETH for 125,000 VAN tokens and the total profit of ETH888 in that month is 140,000 ETH, so 56,000 ETH (0.4 x 140,000) will will be poured into the sharing pool. The total circulation volume of VAN token is 15,500,000, so A will get 125,000 / 15,500,000 x 56,000 ~ 451 ETH as his reward in that month. ! 12

8. 『 』 Apart from result fairness, the house can deactivate player’s accounts anytime. That is a very unfortunate and worst experience. That kind of action obviously involves human operations, yielding so much uncertainty, seriously deteriorating the benefits of all players. Therefore, decentralisation and smart contract integration are an indispensable element to nowadays’ online casinos! ETH888 is definitely aligning with this direction. 1.3 Advantages of Smart Contract Application Against the inborn issues of traditional online casinos, we are missioned to integrate Ethereum technology to have a first Asian themed blockchain casino online! All core operation logics will be implemented via smart contracts. Everything becomes highly transparent and expectable. All ETH888 stakeholders will be the winners! Since the birth of Ethereum in 2015, its smart contract deployment capability brings a completely destructive impact to online gambling industry. It is actually an electronic contract stored in the public chain of Ethereum, at a specific location indicated by its address, a long string, and every logic inside is preprogrammed. Anyone can read the details, such as logic source codes, all transaction records and balance, inside a specific contract by providing an address string. None of casinos in the world can operate at this level of absolute transparency. As the transaction records are highly transparent, some may worry about the privacy issue again. Indeed, in blockchain world, it totally decouples with the Internet IP. What can be seen is, A transferring a certain amount to B. But who are A and B, no one knows. 
 In our ICO / Crowdsale, we are also using Ethereum smart contracts to accept Ethers. It ensures the process running highly transparent and every Ether must exchange for Vanil tokens. For all published tokens, it complies with ERC20 protocol and the liquidity is guaranteed. 
 Hacker attacks are surely a big issue to operate a public platform. The situation is like you building a door and invite people around the world to open it without the key. The advantage of applying blockchain technology in this case is, there will be unlimited number ! 8

10. 『 』 2. Revenue Model 2.1 House Edge House edge is to mathematically describe the advantage of the house against the players on a game being played for a definite duration of time. This indicator is to ensure the ROI of a casino. Taking Roulette as an example, assume that a player places $10 bet on black pinball, and the outcome is green one, neither red nor black one. The house edge of this scenario is 1 / (18 + 18 + 1) x 100% ~ 2.7%. By probability, 2.7% here means, the player expecting to lose $0.27 per game. If keeps playing the same game 20 - 30 rounds, and stake per round is $10, the player is expected to lose $5.4 to $8.1 eventually. Certainly, this is only a mathematical model and doesn't accurately reflect the fate of a specific game. With time going, this will become a trend and the casino will surely get positive ROI by probability. For “House Edge” of the other games, you may refer to here . 2.2 Game Genres At the first stage, we are planning to have 3 Asian themed games : 
 ⿂魚蝦蟹 ⾜足球⾓角⼦子機 ⽣生果⾓角⼦子機 ! ! ! ! 10

6. 『 』 1. Revolutionary Enhancements in Betting Cost and Operational Transparency 1.1 How Cryptocurrency Reduces Betting Cost 
 In most online casinos, fiat currencies such as USD and EUR are the mainstream tokens, and it takes time and significant transaction fees for withdrawal. Also, it involves privacy issues as fiat currencies are being regulated by related governmental authorities. In 2008, upon the birth of Bitcoin, it really did positive impacts to online casino industry, including low transaction fees, time cost and higher level of privacy protection. Even some Bitcoin based casinos keep their House Edge at around 1% to attract new comers. All these explain why the market keeps growing up. Nowadays, there are over 100 cryptocurrency based casinos operating and the total revenue is up to 10 billion USD, mushrooming every year. In fact, over 60% of Bitcoin transactions are gambling related. However, they still have an unsolved issue: transparency. Even through the cost per bet is much lower comparing with ordinary fiat currency online casinos, as they keep House Edge as low as 1%, a very factual question, how can they survive? This is a smart trick to shift player’s focus: so called “random” result for each bet. Example fraudulent scenarios can refer to here and here . Therefore, once a casino still operating in a dark box, the transparency issue keeps unsolvable and impossible to consolidate trust with players. 1.2 Restrictions in Result Fairness Verification In ordinary online casinos, all results are generated by their machines / servers, undoubtedly lacking of transparency and fairness. There are zero protection to the benefits of all players. In view of this, a newer generation of online casinos enhance this by upgrading the existing dark box mechanism by providing an encrypted hash to the player before deciding a bet, and the player can provide a hash to the server as well for result generation. The whole ! 6

19. 『 』 5.4 Timeline Below is the time frame summary before official launching: 
 21 July 2017 Public announcement of pre-sale campaign. 11 Aug 2017 Pre-sale started. 30 Sep 2017 Pre-sale ended. 2017, Q3 Technical demo showing blockchain based provable fair betting live in Ropsten testnet. 2017, Q4 Pre-sale milestone complete: “ ⿂魚蝦蟹 ” alpha version live in Ropsten. 2018, Q1 Public announcement of crowdsale proposal. 2018, Q1 On-going QA / enhancements to games in Ropsten testnet. 2018, Q1 Preparing and implementing bounty programmes. 2018, Q2 VAN token crowdsale starts. 2018, Q2 Migrating games to Ethereum mainnet after the crowdsale. 2018, Q3 Stakeholders share 40% profit from Vanil pool. 2018, Q4 Theme developments for slot games and biz / operation reviews. ! 19

16. 『 』 5. Capital Raising 5.1 VAN Token Crowdsale 
 All interested investors should send Ether to the crowdsale contract in exchanging for VAN tokens which complies with ERC20 protocol and has the following advantages: 
 • High security and predictability

• Supported by most Ethereum wallets

• Highly exchangeable to other cryptocurrencies

• High transparency and guarantees stakeholder’s benefits up shares owned

Our token pre-sale was started on 11 August 2017, using Ethereum smart contract, and successfully finished on 30 September 2017. Upon the pre-sale, a total of 1,356,476 VAN tokens was issued and the circulation amount is fixed at this number permanently. 10% of it will be reserved to the development team and another 10% will be for bounty programmes. 
 As this crowdsale is actually a resale of VAN tokens issued in our pre-sale ICO in August 2017, the actual volume of VANs available for this crowdsale is uncertain yet. The total possible number of tokens for this crowdsale mathematically is 1,085,180. Interested early investors can choose to subscribe the resale by sending their VANs to the upcoming crowdsale contract. 
 ! 16

21. 『 』 張麗婷 , Lily 
 Lily is the youngest and most creative member of ETH888 Team. In early years, she was studying visual art and communication, filling her with creative mind and strong aesthetic sense. After graduation, she worked in various digital agencies and executed social media promotional companions to worldwide renowned brands. Before joining ETH888, she was a big data analyst of an international digital agency. Her expertise also includes social networking advertising and search engine optimisation. At this moment, she also oversees the visual and interactive designs of ETH888. 
 葉葉永⻘青 , Richard 
 Richard is an ex-technical officer in, Richard is very familiar with cryptocurrency from the ground up to how it works in principle. With this expertise, he worked in several famous exchanges located in Mainland China and integrated altcoins into the platforms to widen exchange’s spectre. At the same time, he had to figure out strategies in preventing and defending worldwide network attacks to the exchange platforms. He believes that, with the prevalence of decentralization, comparing with a single endpoint, systems will operate with much higher efficiency and stability, and at the same time, protections to user’s benefits will get larger coverages as well. 
 ! 21

20. 『 』 6. Team 
 Steve White 
 Steve is an Australian mathematician, inspired and motivated by Bitcoin concept in 2008, he privately researches the foundation of peer-to-peer network communication technology. After that, he participated in cryptocurrency development community GameBet and designed several proof-of-work algorithms. Apart from being an enthusiast in Asian cultures, Steve has strong interest in ETH888 development and partners with Gordan, another founder of ETH888, to empower this knowhow in online casino operation, especially focusing on how the platform supports more altcoins and captures more market shares. 
 崔志堅 , Gordan 
 Gordan was a product developer, one of core members in SunBet ( He has deep understanding in how traditional online casino operates, and rich expertise in analysing and managing player’s behaviour and mentality. After committing to online gambling industry over a decade, he does believe that the era of the Internet 3.0 (web3) will arrive soon and there will be a positively revolutionary impact to online gambling industry. Two years before, the first time he touched Ethereum technology. Since that time, he confidently trusts that this technology can destructively break the bottleneck mounted in nowadays online casinos, so he invites talents of the same interest from various areas and establishes ETH888. He is now a Chief Product Development Officer of ETH888. 
 ! 20

 In 2017, online gambling industry values up to 51 billion USD. With the rapid growth of the Internet population and its infrastructures expanding, momentary from developing markets contributes a significant proportion of the total market value. However, previous generation online casinos request players registering with real identity, to facilitate fund transactions from bank, also an obvious barrier against new comers stepping in. 
 With the availability of Ethereum blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, we do believe the industry going to have destructive changes! ETH888 will be the most responsive Ethereum casino, with high operational transparency and privacy. 
 In blockchain domain, smart contracts play an indispensable role in exercising tasks absolutely and transparently. Indeed, core logics of ETH888 are programmed into the smart contracts which are 100% transparent / open source in a block. Every one can get access to it via block explorers and see how it operates in an expected way. Fully transparent sometime seems to be a drawback, but is actually a great trick to build trust with all players. Let them know how ETH888 operates and makes profits, to eliminate doubts between us, further consolidating the revenue model. 
 In player’s point of view, two critical issues of a game are: result randomness and prize release. These are fully executed by and binding with smart contracts, in which everyone can check how the random results are generated and verify the past results also its fairness. By applying smart contracts, the cost for each game requires less and also fairness is guaranteed. In prize release, it utilises the advantage of cryptocurrency, instant fund withdrawal, in which only very low transaction fee applies and is completely anonymous, no registration required. 
 ETH888 Team strives for developing the most responsive Ethereum casino, with highest transparency and reasonable House Edge. Our rationale is, by gaining trust from the players, and letting them realize all results generated are provably fair, just like online game enthusiasts investing virtual assets, the existence of reasonable House Edge becoming totally acceptable. If House Edge does not exist, there must be no more casinos in Las Vegas. The ironic truth is that, when you go into a casino, the story behind glorious decorations is, players are expected to pay for it and enjoy the games. They are not really hesitate to lose the game, but do concern nowhere to place their bets , provided that ETH888 can offer instant and enjoyable user experience! 
 ! 3

22. 『 』 George Colin 
 George was born in Poland and being a computer game enthusiast over decades. When he was 13, he developed his first computer game written in C language and deployed it to BBS for free sharing. With the growing trend of casual games on smartphones, he stepped in that area and joined a famous game studio in Poland, Supercell. George has rich experience in developing casual games and also cross-platform web game technologies. Now in ETH888 Team, he plays a lead role in integrating blockchain technology into ordinary game development framework. 
 李峰 , Peter 
 Peter is energetic and an experienced web app developer in the team. He has rich experience in network application development, familiar with HTML5 / CSS / Javscript / NodeJS / AngularJS / SQL technologies. In technology point of view, he does believe that blockchain technology now has unrestricted spaces for pushing its popularity and there are many areas in this domain which he can contribute to. He is willing to take the challenges in transforming web2 to web3. In ETH888 Team, he mainly takes charge in web development and game integrations. 

Green Smith, Chief Operating O ffi cer@Gaming Club 
 Gary Wang, Marketing Manager@Bet18 
 John Brenda, Chief Technology O ffi cer @238 Casino

! 22

18. 『 』 5.3 Capital Expenditure Distribution 
 Expenditure of capital raised from the pre-sale was allocated as follows: 
 Development : Includes technical development, internal quality assurance and beta testing. In addition, User Experience, User Interface, graphics and promotional material designs are also within this scope. 
 Marketing : Publishes online advertisements in associated media platforms, like Bitcoin exchange platforms. Rewards the post pushers in social networking platforms and related forums. 
 Operation : System maintenance. 
 Legal Services : Consulting company’s laws which deal with cryptocurrency legalities. 
 Prize Capital : Ethers bankroll to pay all winners. 
 ! 18 Prize Capital 10% Legal Services 10% Operation 10% Marketing 10% Development 60%

2. 『 』 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Revolutionary Enhancements in Betting Cost and Operational Transparency 
 1.1 How Cryptocurrency Reduces Betting Cost 
 1.2 Restrictions in Result Fairness Verification 
 1.3 Advantages of Smart Contract Application 
 1.4 Core Development Direction 2. Revenue Model 
 2.1 House Edge 
 2.2 Game Genres 
 2.3 Why not 0% House Edge games? 3. Vanil Token and Vanil Pool 4. Marketing Strategy and ROI Analysis 
 4.1 Market Potential 
 4.2 Promotional Strategy 
 4.3 ROI 5. Capital Raising 
 5.1 Ethereum ICO 
 5.2 ICO in 3 Stages 
 5.3 Capital Expenditure Distribution 
 5.4 Timeline 6. Team 
 7. References 
 ! 2 ETH888.IO

13. 『 』 4. Marketing Strategy and ROI Analysis 4.1 Market Potential Online gambling industry nowadays values nearly 51 billion USD and in 2018, is estimated up to 56 billions. This indicates more and more players intended to participate in the games with cryptocurrencies. Now, more than half, around 60%, of Bitcoin transactions are gambling related, but the industry is facing two major challenges: 
 • The house has unfair advantages to control the results, totally far from definition and scope of House Edge. • Players need to afford significant transaction fees and takes time for fund withdrawal. In the process, it also involves privacy issues. 
 We do believe that technically the above concerns must be tackled, with a view to play well in this fast growing and promising industry. 
 Comparing with previous generation online casino:

Ordinary Online Casino Bitcoin Casino ETH888 No registration required Unsupported Supported Supported Freely deposit / withdraw Unsupported Supported Supported Instant fund transaction Unsupported Supported Supported Completely anonymous Unsupported Supported Supported Provably fair results Unsupported Supported Supported Fully verifiable results Unsupported Unsupported Supported Smart contract integrated Unsupported Unsupported Supported Decentralized Unsupported Unsupported Supported ! 13

23. 『 』 7. References Ethereum Project o ffi cial site, 
 Go Ethereum, 
 Metamask o ffi cial site, 
 Status Mobile Ethereum OS, 
 Kovan Testnet, 
 Tru ffl e Framework, http://tru ffl 
 House Edge introduction, 
 House Edge comparison, 
 Scamming case, dice-100-scam/ 
 Blackjack software, 
 Provably Fair concept, 
 SHA 256 / 512 encryption tools,

 ! 23

4. 『 』 ETH888’s Highlights 
 • 40% of total house profit will be monthly pouring into Vanil pool, in which Vanil token holders can share some amount of profit directly proportional to how many Vanil tokens they own. • In operation, everything is transparent under smart contracts, such as profits from each bet and total house profit. Vanil pool’s management is preprogrammed and forever unchangeable, so to ensure no frauds occurred due to human factors. 
 • The most responsive Ethereum Casino, generally taking not more than 4 seconds in finalizing a bet. 
 • All results are probably fair and verifiable via public verification tools. 
 • Games accepting Ethers, such as “ ⿂魚蝦蟹 ”, “ 賽⾺馬 ” and “ ⾜足球⾓角⼦子機 ”. 
 • Maintain House Edge around 6-16%.

 Comparing with previous generation online casino 
 Ordinary Online Casino Bitcoin Casino ETH888 No registration required Unsupported Supported Supported Freely deposit / withdraw Unsupported Supported Supported Instant fund transaction Unsupported Supported Supported Completely anonymous Unsupported Supported Supported Provably fair results Unsupported Supported Supported Fully verifiable results Unsupported Unsupported Supported Smart contract integrated Unsupported Unsupported Supported Decentralized Unsupported Unsupported Supported ! 4


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